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  • Thank you so much Lou, for everything you have done and coping so wonderfully with my very last minute requests! You did a fantastic job.

  • I am forever grateful that you were our florist and will be recommending you to anyone who will listen!

  • I had very little idea of what I wanted at our first consultation, but you 'got' what I was saying, without me saying it!

  • Wonderful taste and extremely professional. I would never hesitate to recommend you.


Fabulous! As a Wedding Photographer I’ve seen many of Lou’s creations (she’s very popular!) and have loved every single one so knew she would do a fantastic job of the flowers for my wedding. They were so beautiful, Lou is really lovely, incredibly helpful and full of enthusiasm. So many of our family and friends commented on the floral arrangements, I wouldn’t ever hesitate to recommend her to all of my family, friends and clients too!. Oh and must not forget the chair covers and sashes, they looked amazing!. We had the beautiful vintage floral organza sashes, they looked absolutely perfect and so many people said how lovely they were. Thank you so much Lou, for everything you have done and coping so wonderfully with my very last minute requests! You did a fantastic job. Georgina

Louise you are awesome and your work is exquisite. Wonderful taste and extremely professional. I would never hesitate to recommend you. Stunning flowers, chair covers and table designs. We really can’t thank you enough! Francesca

Louise, you honestly turned our wedding into the most perfect day. The bespoke bouquets you supplied for myself and my bridesmaids were timeless and done perfectly to all the requirements we had spoken about in our Initial meeting. The bespoke button hole for Amelia was honestly a stroke of genius and they are all going to be kept forever and ever. I didn’t put my bouquet down until 7!! I just couldn’t put it down. The centre pieces where so elegant and classy, the whole room and all the decor supplied including the blossom trees just brought the room and our vision to life. You have been an amazing support to us both! Thank you so so much we couldn’t have done it without you. Love Fliss and Mimi x

If I could give more than 5 stars I totally would! Louise has been incredible to work with over the last 18 months or so. We wanted faux, silk flowers for our wedding, when I found Louise and her stunning work, I showed my other half and we both more or less knew we wanted Louise to be our florist even before our initial meeting. We met Louise talk about what we wanted, what ideas we had, Louise listened so well and even at this stage had input and ideas of her own that we could go away and think about. I have since had a couple of wobbles worrying about if we are using the correct colours/shades for our flowers and Louise totally put me at ease both times. We collected our flowers today ready for our wedding this May and they are totally stunning, I love them to bits! Louise took on board what we wanted, delivered … and then some. They all look incredible, to the point of me actually getting the shakes they are that beautiful. Thank you so much Louise, we will be sure to send some pictures after our big day. Gemma xxx

Louise, you truly are the most amazingly talented lady who made every moment of planning our wedding flowers completely stress free!. We really cannot thank you enough for all of the effort and hard work you put into every aspect of our day and all of the preparations up until that point. You were beyond helpful from the moment we met and never made me feel like any of my endless questions were silly!. You were always so prompt at replying to my emails and returning my calls which made the whole process so easy. We had endless compliments from our guests at how beautiful our room looked and how stunning our bouquets were!. I am forever grateful that you were our florist and will be recommending you to anyone who will listen! Anna

Louise, we can never thank you enough!. You surpassed our expectations at every opportunity! Every single detail was perfect, from first consultation to the day after the wedding when we were able to hand out flowers as thank you’s!. We wouldn’t hesitate to send anyone to you!. We’ve never had the pleasure of working with someone so talented and so lovely at the same time, you made everything so easy. I had very little idea of what I wanted at our first consultation, but you ‘got’ what I was saying, without me saying it!. Thank you again. Laura

What can we say? Louise was absolutely amazing in helping us with our wedding. We had very limited idea of what we wanted, and she helped us go through all of the options and created gorgeous bouquets. I was worried that I would feel awkward in a florist not knowing much about flowers, but she made me feel at ease instantly and made it a very enjoyable experience. We cannot recommend her enough, and that was also shown with the amount of compliments we had about the flowers! We went for the faux, silk option so that we could keep them, and people were gobsmacked that they weren’t real because they looked so realistic! Thank you again Louise! Kendal xxx

I can’t thank Louise enough for what she created for my recent wedding. You don’t expect to go to a florist and say you are not keen on flowers and then for her to create something completely out of shells with not a flower in sight! It was perfect. My shell bouquet was stunning and something I will treasure for the rest of my life. As well as the ‘flowers’, Louise also dressed the room and tables and what she created was breathtaking. She really took on board our breach theme and what she created was far better than I ever could have imagined. Her work reduced a few people to tears because it was so beautiful and I have had endless compliments based on the uniqueness. Louise clearly really cares about her work and I could not have wished for anyone better to work with for my wedding. I am so lucky to have found her and would 100% recommend to anyone considering her for their wedding. Michelle. 


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