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Let's Chat!

Please call or email to see if your date is available and schedule a complimentary consultation at the showroom. Bookings can be taken up to two years in advance.


Initial Consultation

We will discuss all your requirements including bridal party flowers, church/ceremony designs, table centrepieces, chair covers, sashes and venue dressing. Its a great idea to bring with you magazine clippings, a picture of your dress, bridesmaids dresses, men's attire, fabric samples, colour palette and if you have a Pinterest page even better!. Most consultations will take around a good hour.


Your Quote

Within the week following your consultation you will receive a detailed quote via email, including all your requirements. Once we have submitted the proposal to you we will hold the date for 48 hours.



If you wish to secure your date, we require a £100.00 booking fee, the booking fee is non refundable, however deducted from your final balance. We accept payments by bacs, cheque or cash only. Once you have paid your booking fee items can not be removed from your order, however items can be added.


A Few Months To Go...

We will contact you to make an appointment to finalise all your details and discuss your delivery schedule, set up and collection details.


One Month To Go...

Your final balance will be due to be paid in full, we kindly ask no changes to be made once the balance has been paid.


A Week To Go...

We will liaise with your wedding/event coordinator at your venue, with regards to setting up and taking down your decor after the event.


On The Day!

Our team will deliver and set up all your items/décor, planned to your personal schedule. Relax and enjoy your special day!


The Day After

We will collect your hire items and remove your decor.


After The Event

We would love to hear your feedback and see some photos!