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Faux florals
  • Faux brides bouquet from - £60.00
  • Faux bridesmaid bouquet from - £30.00
  • Faux flower girl bouquet from - £20.00
  • Faux buttonhole from - £3.50
  • Faux corsage from - £8.00
  • Faux flower wand from - £12.50
  • Faux hair pieces from - £1.00
  • Faux pomander ball from - £15.00
  • Faux wristlet from - £16.50
  • Faux petal flower basket from - £12.00
  • Faux cake flowers from - £6.00
  • Bespoke/alternative designs - POA

Chair and table covering hire
  • Chair cover with single sash from - £1.50
  • Chair cover with double sash from - £2.00
  • Sashes with no cover from - £1.25
  • Lace chair hoods from - £2.00
  • Chiffon chair drapes from - £2.00 
  • Faux chair sash florals from - £1.00 
  • Taffeta, lace, satin table runner from - £1.50 
  • Hessian table runner from - £3.00
  • Sequin table runner from - £4.00
  • Sequin cake table cloth from - £15.00
  • Sequin top table cloth from - £45.00
  • Table swagging from - £20.00

Wedding mail hire
  • Large wooden lockable post box - £20.00
  • Medium wooden lockable post box - £15.00
  • Wooden ‘cards’ box - £5.00
  • Luxury giant white metal lockable post box - £45.00

Finishing touches hire
  • Log slice from - £3.00 
  • Mirrored disk from - £2.00
  • Large rustic wooden heart trays -  £5.00
  • Tealight holders various styles from - £1.00
  • Wooden trays from - £3.00
  • Log table number - £3.50 
  • Scroll wooden table number - £1.50
  • Silver table number - £1.00
  • Perspex table number with wood base - £3.00
  • Faux rose petal box from - £5.50
  • Faux florals chair aisle from - £4.50
  • Table scatter crystals from - £3.50
  • Hanging crystals or pearls from - £2.00
  • LED candles taper and chunky from - £2.00
  • Rustic cake stand - £5.00
  •  Hoop cake stand decorated with faux florals -  £30.00
  • White rustic memory ladder, with photo frames, jars of florals and candles - £45.00

Glassware and container hire
  • Gold pearlescent small urn - £4.00
  • Blush pink vase - £3.00
  • Jam jars and bottles from - £1.00
  • Hanging glass spheres from - £1.50
  • Fish bowls from - £1.50 
  • Tall cylinder vase - £8.00
  • Tall fluted vase - £5.00
  • Hurricane vase from - £4.00
  • Medium cocktail vase - £5.00
  • Cream vintage jug - £3.00
  • Cut glass crystal vase from - £1.00
  • Cut glass crystal cake stand - £4.00
  • Cream bird cage from - £3.00
Fresh florals
  • Fresh brides bouquet from - £90.00
  • Fresh bridesmaid bouquet from - £45.00
  • Fresh flower girl bouquet from - £30.00
  • Fresh buttonhole from - £6.50
  • Fresh corsage from - £13.50 
  • Fresh flower wand from - £16.50
  • Fresh hair pieces from - £1.50
  • Fresh pomander ball from - £35.00
  • Fresh wristlet from - £24.50
  • Fresh petal flower basket from - £19.00 
  • Fresh cake flowers from - £12.00
  • Fresh ceremony/top table floral design from - £95.00
  • Fresh florals for jars and bottles from - £9.50
  • Fresh florals for bird cages, jugs, cake stands and glassware from - £45.00
  • Fresh pedestal arrangements from - £100.00
  • Fresh floral archway - POA
  • Fresh floral hanging heart from - £85.00
  • Fresh chair/pew end florals from - £8.50

Ceremony and aisle decor hire
  • Bay tree in stone urn pair - £30.00
  • LED blossom tree pair - £40.00
  • Crystal urn pair (florals not included) - £40.00 
  • Copper arch with faux florals or chiffon from - £60.00
  • Faux ceremony/ top table floral design - £40.00
  • LED lanterns from - £3.00 
  • Faux chair/pew end florals from - £2.50
  • Faux floral hanging heart from - £25.00
  • Faux pedestal arrangement pair from - £50.00
  • Brushed gold lanterns from - £5.00
  • Faux floral archway - POA

Table centrepiece hire
  • 100cm silver candelabra - £15.00
  • 80cm gold candelabra - £20.00
  • 60cm antique gold candelabra - £15.00 
  • 40cm silver candelabra - £5.00
  • Cut glass opulent candle stand - £15.00 
  • 70cm Champagne metal candle stand - £15.00 
  • Champagne metal Tea light branch - £5.00
  • Large martini vase filled with faux Roses and Hydrangea - £20.00
  • Faux, artificial Rose ring/wreath - £12.00  
  • Faux, artificial Ivy ring/wreath - £10.00 
  • Faux, artificial Ivy garland - £10.00 
  • Faux artificial Gyp ring/wreath - £15.00
  • Faux artificial Gyp garland - £15.00
  • Faux, artificial cream and ivory flower ball - £10.00
  • Sea themed hurricane vase - £10.00
  • Faux Succulents in pots - £2.50
  • Faux florals for jars and bottles from - £4.50
  • Fish bowl with faux water lily - £5.00
  • Medium cocktail vase with faux water lily - £10.00
  • Antique brass candlesticks from - £1.00
  • Faux florals for bird cages, jugs, cake stands and glassware from - £18.00

Seating plans and wedding sign hire
  • Hand crafted pallet seating plan - £20.00
  • White rustic ladder - £15.00
  • Perspex ‘cards & gifts’ sign with wood base - £5.00
  • Wooden ‘Bride’ chair sign - £3.00
  • Wooden ‘Groom’ chair sign - £3.00
  • White ornate easel with matching mirror (seating plan or welcome mirror) - £55.00

Delivery, set up and collection fees may apply. Please note that due to recent policy changes and logistics we require a minimum budget/spend of £550.00 on our fresh wedding florals. However this does not apply to our faux, alternative creations or our hire items.